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This committee is concerned with general planning, drafting, deliberation and discussion on matters concerning the Society activities, to be presented to board of directors or inquires from the board. It also considers future policies for machinery under the direction of the Society. The Taxation System Subcommittee, Judicial Affairs Panel Subcommittee are subordinate organizations of the Policy Planning Committee.


In response to changes in the working environment as a result of industrial structural changes, the following activities are conducted to promote research into labor measures based on cooperation between management and labor; 1) Investigation, Collation, and analysis of domestic and overseas labor issues; 2) Evalution of labor policies and government trends and discussion measures; 3) Investigation and research into issues expected to arise as the population ages, such as employment, labor management problems, and salary schemes.


The purpose of the committee is to promote mutual understanding and cooperation with other countries, to establish organized trade system, to have exchanges on an international scale in the fields of technology and industrial cooperation. This committee executes the following activities: 1) Industrial machinery trade promotion business activities in Wien and Chicago; 2) Market research for cultivation of new markets and other purposes; 3) Research on matters related to such issues as trade and economic friction; 4) To strengthen international exchange activities; 5) Cooperation for overseas trade conference, etc.


The purpose of this committee is to compile demands from the industry regarding standardization by the Japanese government. Also, it deliberates and discusses how to promote The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers Standards(JIMS) and safety of industrial machinery , and the problem of intellectual property rights.


The purpose of this committee is to promote environmental protection centering on the industrial machinery industry. This committee executes the following activities: 1) Deliberation and establishment / reorganization of the Society projects concerning environmental protection; 2) Investigation of the actual situation of the industry based on the Society project; 3) Deliberation on environmental protection countermeasures for the industrial machinery industry; 4) Investigation into internal / external trends, collection of data and material, and drawing up official materials.

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