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1. Responding to Global Environmental Issues

Promoting the “Action Plan on Low Carbon Society / Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment for the Industrial Machinery Industry”
(global warming countermeasures, reduction of waste)

Promoting emissions reductions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Publishing reports on environmental activities
Promoting use of Eco-Slag
2. Improving Mechanical Safety and Promoting Industrial Accident Avoidance
Making safety manuals for boring machines and aggregate plants

Making guidelines for risk assessment of boring machines and crushers

Making guidelines for risk assessment of rotary blowers
Making instruction manuals of design guide for structure of the unit type of lac

Making guidelines for safety and conducting a review of labels for machines’ safety warnings

Making safety manuals for maintenance activities at facilities using conveyor belts

Making guidelines for risk assessment of conveyors and automated storage and retrieval system

Making guidelines for risk assessment of laundry and cleaning machines
Spreading and doing follow-up for Design and Construction Manual of Melt-Solidified Slag Material for Road Construction
3. Implementing Studies and Research for the Promotion of the Industrial Machinery Industry
Researching responses to countries’ import restrictions of  chemical machines

Researching business development of environmental equipment

Researching the introduction and promotion of biomass power generation
Making a proposal of the evaluation method and total energy efficient standard for blowers
Researching the utilization and application of hydrogen

Promoting the adoption of energy-efficient equipment with high-efficiency motors

Conducting an industry survey for wind power machinery and related components

4. Promoting Normalization and Standardization
Making drafts and draft revisions for JIS standards

Making drafts and draft revisions for ISO standards

Promoting independent industrial association standards (Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers Standards, or JIMS)

5. Promoting International Exchange
Participating in overseas trade conferences in 2015

Exchanging information with foreign organizations related to the environment

Exchanging information with the European Committee of Machinery Manufacturers for the Plastics and Rubber Industries (EUROMAP), the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), and the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) in the United States
Dispatching foreign market trend research teams
6. Collecting Policy Suggestions and Requests

Putting together policy suggestions to the national and provincial governments

Putting together requests a tax reform to the national and provincial governments

Putting together other requests on industry

7. Collecting Statistics and Other Data and Providing Related Information

In monthly and annual reports, collecting “industrial machinery orders received,” “industrial machinery export agreements,” and
“environmental equipment orders received”

Collecting projections for industrial machinery orders received
Collecting performance data for environmental equipment production
Providing statistics and other gathered information to public agencies and institutions

Providing information via our monthly journal, “Sangyo Kikai” (“ Industrial Machinery”) and internet website

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